Het schip draagt niet meer de naam van de oude eigenares (Virazon) maar is omgedoopt naar 'SHEGHOST", SHE omdat het een SHE 31/DELTA 94 betreft en Ghost omdat ik met mijn Dutch Society Of Ghostships met het schip onderzoek doe naar spookschepen.
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After 13 years sailing on a 1939 fully restored sailing king, 'the dragon'. It was time to expand my sailing beyond the Dutch lake's 'to ‘open’ water outside the Dutch Dike's. Because of my preference for traditional lines and sailing properties I started a quest for an S&S built yacht.

My quest stumbled upon a She 31. She was in need of overcoming some maintenance arrears but she did have a totally updated and revised sailing plan as well as a modern Bukh 20 inboard. After some negotiation with the owner, we agreed a price to our satisfaction.

In the coming years I plan a step by step exploration of the Dutch waters.

For the year 2009/2010 the SHEGHOST (former Virazon) will serve as a vessel for the Dutch Society of Ghost Ships (D-SOG). As president of the Dutch Society of Ghostships, I investigate the presence of "ghost ships" for the Dutch coast. D-SOG is an Art project, the investigation results will be presented through audio-video / photography in 2010.

For more info mail to: The images and video will be offered by you tube the ghostship channel. (search name: ‘spookschip’ on channel search).

If any S&S owners see any particularly strange sights, of water, air, ships, wrecks or mysteries, found during their cruises please send to me by e-mail. In memory of Olin I will specially start a photo gallery of odd sights on the water seen from S&S yacht, 'Perhaps an S&S yacht sees more than others'

e-mail to:

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